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You're a "Blue Angel". You're a smartI'd die for my parents or… - Бред лунного хомяка [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Хомяки-захватчики из созвездия Мансарды

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Хомяки-захватчики из созвездия Мансарды
[music |Не Пара - Песня О Любви (Которой Не Было)]

You're a "Blue Angel". You're a smartI'd die for my parents or siblingser
one than most and are the more logical than
anyone you know. You also have very strong
morals that you stick to through it all and
you'd stand up for whatever you believe in even
if no one else agrees. You're a little bit shy
around people but you love to be with lots of
people anyway. You have appreciation for things
like music or poetry or art. You yourself can
sing or write fairly well but only for
yourself. You're very thoughtful and people
love how creative you are. (If you cannot see
the picture, go to my homepage and scroll down
near the bottom. I have the results from all my
quizess that have pics)

What Color Angel Are You? (PICS)
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[User Picture]From: kamuflaj
19.09.2004|11:22 (UTC)
еще один голубой ангел)
в нашем полку прибывает
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[User Picture]From: sofia_angel
19.09.2004|13:05 (UTC)
да уж... )
К этому тесту наблюдается повальный интерес среди сетевиков =)))

И, как я заметила, в основном ангелы голубые и черные
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